Friday, July 24, 2009

T + 1 Month

So it's been exactly one month since Jonesy's wild and wacky summer bash began, and there really isn't a lot happening. The job search has been slow. I have four resumes out thus far, but have received acknowledgment from only one company. It might be time to get staff phone numbers and start calling the supervisors to remind them of my resumes.

I've since settled into a nice - although maybe not entirely productive - morning routine. The daily pot of coffee with the newspaper has kept me connected with the goings-on. Unfortunately, my afternoon walks have been limited ever since that fascinating Mayview jaunt tore a nasty blister into my heel.

But it's now crunch-time. My benefits run out next week, and that generous month-long severance check will be depleted soon with my next mortgage payment (You're welcome, by the way, Mr. Fargo). So maybe this is the wrong time to be heading to Myrtle Beach, S.C. with my girlfriend for a pre-pink slip planned vacation. We'll be staying at my aunt's house, so it should be a nice (and cheap) vacation. I'll be blogging from the Palmetto State, and I'm thinking about temporarily changing this Web site's name to "Travel with a Bread Basket."

I appreciate all of your feed back on this blog over the past month. It's been nice to share stories and keep in touch with old friends.


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