Friday, June 26, 2009

Unemployment: The Aftermath

No one thinks they're going to get laid off. I certainly didn't when I walked into the O-R newsroom Wednesday morning. But the financial struggles of newspapers across the country hinted problems were ahead. The employees at the newspaper have been through a lot the past six months, with buyouts, layoffs and furloughs. But we trudged on despite the whispers about problems, although I can't deny it affected my work.

I was stunned when my supervisor asked to see me for a minute in the back office. Having seen others get axed, I knew this was my turn. Trying to add some levity to the situation with my supervisor and company owner, I quipped that "I guess I'm not getting a promotion." As they explained the situation, I stared out the window, thinking about where and when I would work next. After signing the severance, I went to my desk and stuffed all my belongings into a cardboard box. That box still sits in the corner of my house, Pirates bobblehead and all. We'll see when I unpack my belongings, but it probably won't be until I'm settling into my new desk at my new job.

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