Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not qualified?

I consider myself a professional in whatever task is handed to me. You want me to write a story? Just tell me the deadline. You want me to deliver important documents across town? When do they need to be there. You want me to perform as The Wild Thing? Well, OK, but I'm not doing the flip at the end of the Wild Thing Workout.

So it was just a little bit surprising when I received an e-mail this morning from the federal government saying I am not qualified to be... a secretary at Fort Necessity National Battlefield in Fayette County.

"This is to notify you that your score/rating was not within reach for referral. Therefore, your name will not be referred to the employing agency at this time."

My rating? I'm not a dishwasher being reviewed by Consumer Reports!

I can hardly say this is a major setback, but it does make me wonder what you have to do to get an interview for a job. On the other hand, at least they wrote me back to tell me I wouldn't be brewing coffee and recording meeting minutes just a few feet away from George Washington's only military surrender.


  1. George Washington NEVER surrendered. He DIED for his country and then went on to be it's first president! Stupid liberal revisionist blame America first take God out of the schools newfangle touchy feely history that they are teaching the kids these days.

  2. Well, actually this would be "blame Britain first" considering Washington was commanding British troops when he allegedly surrendered to the French in 1754.