Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jerking us around

When I thumb through the newspaper or search online job boards for openings, I'm beginning to wonder: Are they really hiring?

And that question is being raised by the shell game WDVE-FM played with its morning radio show. Three weeks ago, morning radio personality Randy Baumann mysteriously disappeared from the show. Hours later, Clear Channel Communications advertised an opening for his position, asking for resumes and demo tapes.

I wonder how many suckers actually applied for that job. It was all for naught, because Baumann returned to the show this morning. The reason for his departure apparently was over a contract dispute.

So it seems that anyone who sent their portfolio to Clear Channel was used as nothing more than a negotiating pawn by the radio station and Baumann in a contractual game of chicken. So how many of these companies are advertising job openings -- and wasting our time -- just because they have to?

I can't help but think that the majority of the resumes I send out are for positions being filled internally, or not at all. And that is just wrong.

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