Monday, June 29, 2009

A walk in the park

Rarely do I go exploring new places on foot. But I found one of the best kept secrets in Allegheny County, and it's just a couple miles away from my home in South Fayette, Pa. The dog walk zone at Fairview Park is a place where canines can run free without leashes while their owners keep a close eye on their pets. No one was around when I went up there this morning, but it turned into a relaxing stroll.

Tractors cut wide paths into the high grass, leading to a spectacular view of nearby Bridgeville, Pa., and the tops of the USX and BNY-Mellon buildings in Pittsburgh. I kicked off my shoes and walked around the paths, stopping for a few minutes to enjoy the scenic skyline and wheatfields. I snapped a couple photos with my cell phone, but can't connect them to my computer. But you can bet I'll be returning to this park in the near future and will take more pictures with a digital camera. I would highly recommend any walkers out there to check out this unique place.

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