Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The merriment continues

After going more than a month without hearing a peep from the company that interviewed me in May, it became crystal clear I hadn't been hired for the public relations position. Sure, I'm disappointed that I didn't get the job, but life and unemployment are full of frustrating roadblocks. But why did it it take six weeks after the final phase of the interview process to get word about the job?

I e-mailed a human resources person on June 14 to ask if they had made a decision. She told me they were going to pick the sweepstakes winner in a few days and then notify everyone the following week. With still no word three weeks later, I sent the same e-mail back this morning.

"A candidate has been chosen," the human resources representative responded in the e-mail. "You should have received an e-mail notification from the HR Dept."

Opps. Guess I don't check my e-mail nearly often enough.

A sustainable job was so close I could taste it. Then it lingered for two months in a continuous tease that can only be described as barbaric. Oh, well. It's bound to happen. But I just don't understand how a company searching for a public relations specialist could be so unorganized that it fails to communicate its hiring decision to a potential employee. Maybe they should've hired me to help them fix that little problem for them.

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  1. Just gotta keep at it. Something will open up eventually.