Monday, June 21, 2010

Not even fake news

By now, you've probably read about the heartbreaking tale of a Pittsburgh pierogi runner who lost his $25 per race job during this savage recession. The poor 24-year-old kid (who still lives at home) just wanted to run the pierogi races at Pirates games. What yinzer wouldn't love that gig? Unfortunately, this kid ripped the team on his Facebook page after it announced contract extensions for the GM and field manager. Then he was surprised when management canned him the next day for insubordination.

Somehow this turned into a front page story in the Post-Gazette when his mommy called the media to complain. What the heck compelled the P-G to run this "story" above the fold? This isn't news. It's not even fake news.

First of all, the kid made $25 per game. That's barely a part-time job. I'm sure he can make more money flipping burgers at a fast food joint. Second, not many companies take kindly to employees posting nasty comments on social networking sites. Anyone who thinks otherwise is sadly mistaken. Plus, this guy was suspended by the Pirates earlier due to a scheduling gaffe.

But my main complaint is with the P-G. When a helicopter mom calls you complaining that her son lost his barely part-time job for ripping the Pirates, that doesn't make it news. The fact that the P-G made this a story -- let alone a front page story -- is insulting for those of us who have lost real jobs for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

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