Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Golden Mouse

Congratulations to Scott Beveridge in earning The Golden Mouse award for achieving 100,000 unique page views on his blog. Mr. Beveridge, a local newspaper reporter, just recently passed the 100k mark on Travel with a Beveridge after launching it three years ago. His former newspaper colleagues, Michael Jones and Amanda Gillooly, presented Mr. Beveridge with The Golden Mouse over beers and pizza Tuesday night.

Mr. Beveridge, who earlier in the day doubted the existence of the prestigious Golden Mouse, was too shocked by the appearance of the award to offer any semblance of a speech.

"Oh my God," Mr. Beveridge said, slapping his hand against his forehead as the presenters pulled the award from a brown paper bag.

The plaque, the first in a series by Mr. Jones, a local blogger and novice woodsmith, cost less than $8 and prominently features a gold spray painted computer mouse that hadn't been used in a decade. Mr. Beveridge said he plans to display the award on a wall in his home, although it can also be used as an over-sized beer coaster.



  2. Tommy Hindman! Glad you found the blog. I'll add you to my blog roll.

    Both you and Scott are excellent photographers are your respective papers.

  3. Congrats, Scott. That's a lot of traffic. Keep doing the great work.