Thursday, August 5, 2010

Same song, different dance

A year ago, I weighed in on Brett Favre's third retirement on this very blog. Now, just 50 weeks later, I think it's time to once again discuss this enigmatic NFL quarterback after he texted teammates telling them he was retiring... only to say yesterday that he is still considering playing. Shocking.

This is what I wrote on Aug. 18...

"Favre's actions show a lazy man who manipulates teams and the system to skip out on training camp. While it is not as overt, this is no different than a cocky wide receiver holding out of training camp until he gets that bigger contract. ... Although I love how he plays the game, I'm sick of Brett Favre's tired act. If you want to play, Brett, then don't announce that you are retired and confirm that decision a few days before training camp only to return three weeks before the start of the season."

While nothing has changed this time around, my beef is more with ESPN lapping up this nonsense and launching wall-to-wall coverage on the alleged retirement. A real news outlet would have reported the facts and allowed reporters to weave through the inconsistencies. In this case, we know Favre texted teammates about not being able to play for the upcoming season due to a bulky ankle. But the red flag should have been when head coach Brad Childress told reporters that he had not heard from Favre about any decision.

To compound this, Favre never came out and stated he was retiring (not that his own words could have been believed anyway). Instead, ESPN's so-called experts rattled off their favorite memories of the quarterback. But analyst Merrill Hoge wasn't fooled when he pointed out, "My favorite Favre moment probably will come this year. Come back, Brett!"

And as a buddy of mine appropriately wrote in a text message: "I won't believe it until the Vikes are eliminated from playoff contention."

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