Thursday, August 26, 2010

Problem solved

The speed of the Internet is truly impressive. Less than 22 hours after complaining about Verizon FiOS for problems with its billing service, a company official from New Jersey e-mailed me to say they were looking into the issue. I called him this morning and gave some of my account information that he needed to solve the problem.

By 3 p.m., I had received a call from a local Verizon representative, who said she was contacting the debt agency to have the charge removed. I appreciate that the company went to great lengths today to look into the issue, but I think the problem could have (and should have) been solved yesterday when I called the company billing department to get a clarification on what the $26.19 charge was for.

Say what you want about the internet, but it certainly is more efficient carrying a picket sign in front of a company’s headquarters.


  1. I've heard of companies who have ways of scanning social media constantly. They are seeking complaints, either to fix the problem (such as your case), or a rival ready to step up and take the business.

    For example, I know of a case where a business traveler who made frequent trips, requiring the use of Hertz rental cars. In one instance, she requested a particular vehicle in Denver, but Hertz was unable to provide exactly what she wanted. She posted her situation as a casual tweet, not really a complaint, but "this is what I'm doing." Within minutes, Avis responded to her, "We can help you with that." Avis took the business.

    I believe these kinds of situations are not uncommon. It sounds like Verizon has some form of scanning procedure for blogs, and picked up your post. They acted upon what they found, and were counting on your to post a follow, which you have done. Good! This provides reinforcement for businesses to take action to satisfy a customer complaint.

  2. It definitely is good business to fix the problem and put it to bed quietly. I would imagine, like you said Roger, that the corporate headquarters has a specific Internet filter that automatically searches websites or online news articles that include words such as "Verizon" or FiOS"