Friday, January 22, 2010

The rescuer and his dog

There are only so many jobs to search for and resumes to send via e-mail. So it would seem only natural to click on a cable news network to see what is happening around the country. Of course, MSNBC was broadcasting President Obama's town hall meeting, which held my attention about as much as boiling water.

But then it happened! At 2:53 p.m., the anchors decided to move onto a riveting flood story out in California. Were rescuers rushing to save a child from a home as flood waters inched closer and closer to his doorstep? Not even close. Instead, the cable news station broadcast rescuers standing atop a tall bridge and throwing a life preserver... to a dog.

No joke. Then the anchors made comments questioning the importance of this rescue, or if the dog even knew what was happening. The one anchor mentioned that dogs have the mentality of a 2-year-old, so they were unsure how it would know to swim to the life preserver. Well, that and dogs don't have thumbs to grabs things, like the rope.

After keeping up on the story for about a half-hour later, they finally found a development in the action. A helicopter was lowering a rescuer into the raging waters to pull the dog to safety. As the rescuer made his way over to the dog, the mangy canine started biting the man. I couldn't contain myself anymore and burst out laughing.

So, the dog was saved and all the world's wrongs were righted. And the next story on MSNBC? Britain raised its terror warning threat level. Don't worry guys. MSNBC already spent the past 43 minutes terrorizing the journalism community.