Monday, March 22, 2010

From weddings to health care

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Apparently I missed must-see TV on Sunday while attending my stepsister's wedding. Rather than cracking a tall, cool Budweiser and watching the totally bizarre vote on health care, I spent my night at the wedding on Florida's first coast.

Sure, I had fun throwing back a few while spending the night with my family, but I would have just LOVED to watch all the crazies (aka: Republican congressmen) march on D.C. just before voting against Obamacare. I mean, were the Republicans really applauding the protesters who spit on Democratic politicians and yelled gay/racial slurs? Did one Republican congressman really call a fellow colleague a "baby killer"?????

And here I thought the drunks at the wedding were out of control.

Do I love this bill? Not really, because I'd prefer a single-payer system where everyone pays and everyone benefits. But our democracy usually results in these types of unsatisfactory compromises. But I'm OK with that because this is a major step in the right direction.

Still, I would've liked to watch our infantile elected leaders interact in a way that makes rowdy wedding receptions look tame. Maybe next time.


  1. It was a wonderful spectacle... I had it on from 1pm until 11:30pm.

    I'm sure financial reform will be a rehash of the familiar "COMMUNISM" rhetoric... but I've seen that movie before and I know how it ends... what I'm REALLY looking forward to is immigration reform... I just can't wait to watch me some race-baiting, xenophobic idiocy on "The CSPAN" over that one...

  2. I guess this is a seven-game series, and we just finished Game 2. Let the merriment continue.