Friday, December 18, 2009

And I hope you had a good career

As you might expect with my news background, I have an affinity for journalists. That's why it will be sad to see ABC News anchorman Charlie Gibson retire after his final newscast tonight. While Gibson did not have the same legendary career as Walter Cronkite or others, he was a solid reporter before stepping behind the news desk after Bob Woodruff was seriously injured by an IED attack in Iraq in 2006.

In less than a year, ABC News had lost Peter Jennings to cancer and their current anchor was clinging to life at a military hospital. Gibson steadied the program, and soon made it his own. It trailed in the ratings to NBC, but not by much.

And of course, there was Gibson's tag line. "And I hope you had a good day," he said at the end of each show. It might have been cheesy, but it was a comforting ending to a day of news that often was troubling.


  1. Am I wrong to think Charlie Gibson retired too early?

  2. I agree, Paul. He's only a couple years older than Diane Sawyer, so he definitely had a few more years left in the tank. But maybe there's something to leaving before your time is up. Like he said in his last broadcast: Leave before you overstay your welcome.

    In the end, I always thought he was a fair newsman, and we need more of those these days.

  3. Kind of like Barry Sanders retiring from football. What's the old showbiz adage? "Always leave them wanting more?"

  4. Yeah, that and I think Barry Sanders saw the iceberg in the water loooooooong before the rest of the Detroit Lions did. He lowered a lifeboat just before the other Lions began searching the life preservers.